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    Entrepreneur Training Center

Linking Entrepreneurs Around the World

Fred DiUlus's global School of Entrepreneurship is a non-profit ONLINE, DIGITAL, AND DISTRIBUTIVE entrepreneurs' training school created by the author of the WAY OF THE ENTREPRENEUR, Dr. Fred DiUlus. He is the founder and CEO of Global Academy Online(est '02), the #1 international online and blended university builder, Chairman of the Board of the Aging Veterans Care Relief Fund, a nonprofit veterans charitable organization, and the founder of the inspiration for all tuition free universities, the DiUlus Institute.
The entrepreneur school is a precedent setting pioneer in the study and training of entrepreneurs based on 20th and 21st century innovations rooted in three generations of individual entrepreneurial development. The School is the very first complete online program developed exclusively for those desiring to become entrepreneurs and succeed in this exploding age of technology. 
Established in 2003, the Entrepreneur School posted its first online classes in 2004. It's programs have formed the training base for thousands of entrepreneurs over the last dozen years. 
The school trains individuals in entrepreneurship employing real-world methodology brought to perfection for all learners desiring to be entrepreneurs. The training is comprehensive in guiding learners in how to adapt to the environment, and improvise themselves,  employees, and  organizations to overcome entrepreneurial obstacles. The direction is to define a new and more productive road to creating the enterprise that will drive them to entrepreneurial success. 

A Certificate in Entrepreneurship Studies is awarded by the School to successful graduates. Graduates may also be awarded on application, an Entrepreneur Fellowship from the Center for Entrepreneurship, Freedom, and Ethics (CEFE.org)to teach, train, and mentor others on behalf of the Center.
The Entrepreneur School's training methodology permits trained individuals to fully realize their entrepreneurial potential including an added ability to recognize entrepreneurs in their organizations that may more fully help develop their own personal entrepreneurial mission.
The Fred DiUlus School of Entrepreneurship specializes in global studies and opportunities worldwide. Training crosses academic disciplinary lines as well as fields of study and expertise. The School's 'American  Methodology is unique in that it is based on two hundred fifty years of innovative American ingenuity and reasoning that compliments professional international entrepreneurship; expertise that comes down to us from America's first great entrepreneur, Ben Franklin and right on down to today's cutting edge highly innovative methodologies.
The American entrepreneurial style and practice, regardless of one's field of expertise or chosen profession, is adaptable to everyone who seeks to train and succeed as an entrepreneur.