Admission To The Certification Program

This is the admissions application to determine your eligibility to attend the School of Entrepreneurship. Please complete all sections.
Once you have completed the form, go to ENROLLMENT to complete your application for admission to the Certification Course.
Submit both forms. You will be contacted by email to set up an interview and advised of the additional documents or information that may be required before Admission to the Certification Course.


1. A valid passport or drivers license
2. A US citizen and/or foreign national whose nation is in good standing with the USA.
3. Agree to adhere to and follow the Schools Code of Ethics and Servant Leadership requirements.
4. Engage in a live interview to demonstrate your commitment to study.
In addition, there are attributes an entrepreneur-in-training ought to possess. Among those are:
  • a passion to succeed as an entrepreneur,
  • ability to demonstrate commitment to study,and
  • exemplify personal values consistent with a desire to share what one learns.  

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Why do you want to study Entrepreneurship?
Are you willing to train others?

Unconditional Warranty

The DiUlus School of Entrepreneurship offers an absolute 30 day unconditional money back guarantee for any reason.