Program Benefits Include:
-- Advanced online entrepreneurial training
-- 24/7 access to online learning programs
-- 24/7 access to trainer
-- Insider tools
-- Net/marketing PR skills
-- New venture ideas from micro biz to big biz
-- New venture opportunities
-- Professional recognition - CEFE Fellowship
Entrepreneurship Training
The entrepreneurship training schedule begins on the first day of the month. All instruction is online and runs for four (4) consecutive weeks. Access to training is available 24/7. One need never leave the comfort of their home or office to participate. Online training is available on all electronic devices from cell phones to box computers and everything in between.
Enrollment is Available Anytime
The School's trainer is Dr. Fred DiUlus, founder of the school is what is called a scholar-practitioner (one who not only lives the life but teaches it as well) with decades of experience and first hand of what an entrepreneurs agony of defeat and thrill of victory looks like. Knowing the pitfalls in advance and the ability to overcome them shortens the road to success.
What Entrepreneurship Requires
Entrepreneurship requires experience. This cannot be taught or just observed. It must be learned on the job, often by the seat of the pants. Yet, student/learners can easily acquire the knowledge of what to look for, understand, and observe from others the experiences they may face. Most importantly, a trainee will learn quickly how to appreciate and cope with an entrepreneur's rejection, incredible disappointment, lack of support from family and friends and still persevere to  overcome the most adverse conditions in order to succeed. 

The "Success" an entrepreneur finds is a journey not a destination.