What does the Certification Program Cost?

The Entrepreneurial Studies certificate program is a ten (10) day totally immersive Boot Camp,  one on one with the  mentor and author of Way of the Entrepreneur Series. Trainees have an option to complete the program in 10 days with one of three options - All at once; two days a week for five weeks; or once a week for ten weeks.
Certificate candidates who start together have the opportunity to become cohorts in the process and it is important that they remain together throughout the process. Only one training module will be undertaken at a time. It is essential that all assignments are completed and work is performed on schedule and on time. An Entrepreneur's commitment is to their task at hand. First they do one thing, then they do another.

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 Completion of the Program Certification
A student who successfully completes the program will receive a certificate of completion from the School. 
Completion of the application and the supplying all required documentation for admission does not guarantee a trainee will successfully navigate the program. Admission levels are strictly governed on a first come first served basis.
Training Begins Monthly
The basis of individual admission include:       
1. A trainee's Potential to complete the work
2. A trainee's Potential to give back to their community
3. A trainee's Potential to train others in the work