Requirements for Training

Learning and Training Online

Certificate in Entrepreneurship Studies
 Entry into the program requires no previous training or specialized education background in entrepreneurship. Candidates must have three to five years of work experience as a self employed individual, intern, or part-time for full time employee. Some work experience is crucial. Under special circumstances, candidates without work experience will be accepted into the program if they can show similar work related examples in their work or volunteer history.
Eligibility to train is limited to individuals who understand Internet tools and hardware essential to learning online. Having a driving desire and willingness to undertake a thorough study of  entrepreneurship and being familiar with the research and potential of the World Wide Web are required to easily navigate the training program.

A Graduate of this Course is CERTIFIED and it will
indicate to the world that the individual has indeed studied and undertaken the complete course of entrepreneurial study offered by and from the first online global School of Entrepreneurship. Further validation can be acquired from articulated universities in cooperation with the Global Academy, the sponsor of the School of Entrepreneurship.
The Certificate Program
 Over 100 years of entrepreneurial effort has contributed to the entrepreneurial training in the School. Three generations of entrepreneurs have left insight, experience and street smarts, both domestically and internationally for the development of this unparalleled program. No other entrepreneurial program in the world is built on a century of experience, trial and error, failure and success.
The Truth About Entrepreneurs

1. Entrepreneurs are not born - They are made

2. Entrepreneurs do not earn the title by study but earn by success whether acquired by study or the seat of their pants.